digital dental technology

setting new standards in the world of digital dental technology

digital dental technology

setting new standards in the world of digital dental technology

why choose dentesthetics

create a great digital workflow through cutting-edge technology
including 3D scanning and 4D dentistry®

amazing esthetics

experience the fusion of digital design
and traditional ceramic art

excellent dental technicians

mastering form and 4D function
and hand-layered ceramics

cutting edge technology

milling the finest details
with latest 3d robots

what makes dentesthetics so special?

being passionate dental specialists for twenty years we deeply understand the needs of patients, dentists and labs.
developing a clear vision for the treatment leads to
a perfect backward planning with maximum predictability.

promises made, promises kept.

dr. sebastjan varljen + dr. stefan scholz.
founders of dentesthetics

perfect result
a very satisfactory result that perfectly harmonizes function and aesthetics. thanks!
great technicians!
the dental technician (and all team members working in the background, too, of course!) Did an excellent job. The shape and color of my "new" teeth suit me perfectly and only relatively minor reworking is necessary for such a comprehensive renovation (28 teeth!), which can only be revealed when chewing. thanks!.
technical progress
the networking within the practice and the short distances made my treatment very efficient. the perfectly fitting crowns from the digital laboratory fit perfectly on tooth and implant. the individual processes interlock like a perfect gear train.
best result
the dental technicians did a great job. the crowns feel like my own teeth. the result is also very impressive for me visually!
#emotionaldentistry at it`s best
academy certified modjaw training dr. spisic, innsbruck, austria

digital lab

pre design, mockup

get your mockups based on
digital scans and 4D motion data
add photos and face scans

digital processing

get premium designed and milled ceramics for great fitting and look:
save chairside time

ready to bond

from design to finish: directly bond your crowns, veneers, bridges


ready to relax:
tmd-splints and night-guards

3d-printed (high res)

kois deprogrammer, memobite, models, guides for implants, endo, crown lengthening


a team of dental experts supports your digital workflow

the team


Dr. Sebastjan Varljen
specialist functional and aesthetic reconstruction

business strategy and concept


Dr. Stefan Scholz
prosthodontist, implantologist 

teaching and networking


Robert Kraft
lab manager

master dental technician
master ceramist, digital designer


Stefan Suchoroschenko
master dental technician
master digital designer


Olivia Wolff
master dental technician
digital designer


Daniela Behncke
dental technician
digital designer


Ruveyde Yusein
dental technician
digital designer

the academy

level 1- digital expert

"become an digital expert"
understand the digital workflow
create a digital avatar
hands-on training
scanning + 4D motion analysis
improve your quality + reduce your chairtime
2 day course

level 2 - digital master

"the clinical experience"
become a skilled strategic planner
amazing photo/video protocol
integrate the digital lab
live mockup
live treatment
2 day course

strategy & marketing

"mastering the whole workflow"
strategic planning of complex cases
communication techniques
find your best ticket price
increase your conversion rate
bring your own cases
1 day course

meet the masters

a whole day live experience
work shadowing
with the master dentists
plus: bring your own cases
1 day course

dental photography

#emotionaldentistry at it`s best
easy-to-learn amazing photo skills
the perfect setup + hands on shooting
calibrate the perfect colour
smilecloud skills
1 day course

certified modjaw® training

- special training for modjaw® users -
dig deep into the world of 4D dentistry®
learn how to use the amazing motion data
discover fascinating inside views of function
special bonus: tmd-treatment
learn from #1 worldwide modjaw users
2 day course

speak with a specialist

find us

dentesthetics, bismarckallee 9, 79098 freiburg, germany
phone: +49 761 7678317

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